SMS Terms and Conditions

Freedom and Faith Properties SMS Terms & Conditions:

1. Program description: When opted-in, you will receive text messages (SMS/MMS) to your mobile number. These kinds of messages may include a response to an inquiry, real-time texts to ask and answer questions about our services and pricing, and appointment confirmations.

2. Program frequency: Message frequency will vary depending on the conversation and your online website request.

3. Opt out: You can opt-out of this service at any time. Just text “STOP” to the phone number. After you text “STOP” to us, we will send you an SMS reply to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive SMS messages from us. If you want to join again, just sign up as you did the first time or text “START,” and we will start sending SMS messages to you again.

4. Help: If you are experiencing any issues, you can reply with the keyword HELP. Or, you can get help directly from us at

5. Interruption: Carriers, such as AT&T, are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

6. Costs: Message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. If you have any questions about your text plan or data plan, please contact your wireless provider.

7. Privacy: If you have any questions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy

Effective Date

This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 27, 2023.

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We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

James P.

"Our family was in a bad spot. It is scary how fast things can go from bad to worse. Their team was so helpful to finding a solution. Could not recommend them more.."

Brianna V.

"Foreclosure was looming over my head and I was feeling overwhelmed. Honestly I didn't know that there were other options. These guys helped me avoid the stress and damage to my credit."

Edward K.

"I was behind on my mortgage payments and didn't see a way out. They bought my house for cash and allowed me to walk away with some money in my pocket and a fresh start. I am so grateful for their help."

Juan L.

"We just needed a way out. The Team was great to work with and they found us a solution within the week. They made the whole process painless. It is as if this huge weight is off our shoulders."

Celina, TX 75009

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